Sports Specific Training

At ProFit Fitness & Rehab, we have a variety of training programs which can be tailored to your specific performance goals. From speed and agility training to strength and conditioning, we can help you improve your performance and stay safe from injury. We offer sports-specific training as well, for football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, field hockey and more. Unlike many personal trainers, who can get stuck in a rut and only know how to train one way, we take our combined experience and use it to come up with new and more personalized approaches to performance training. We look at training the complete body in a way that helps your performance in a specific sport or team position.

With a full selection of cardio and weight equipment, 17 specific weight training components, and 1900 square feet of indoor turf, we have everything necessary to help you train for whatever performance goal you are trying to reach, no matter the sport. Our trainers are used to working with all kinds of athletes—from professionals to high school students and everything in between—and have been athletes themselves. They understand the struggles, the drive you need to succeed and the mental stumbling blocks that can get in your way. We will help you break through any plateau and reach optimum performance.

Avoiding Injury

We are concerned with keeping you healthy while you’re playing and making sure that any recovery you might be facing is a successful one. We are not only a team of personal trainers, but we also have amazing, highly experienced sports physical therapists on our team as well. We provide physical therapy and rehab and can incorporate aspects of this into your personal training. If you are building back up after an injury, we have the education needed to make sure that your future training doesn’t cause further injury. Our training is centered on keeping you healthy and injury-free.