Peoples Does Wonders for a High School Basketball Team

Kevin Peoples Strength Training has done wonders for our Miller Grove High School Men’s Basketball Team. Kevin started training our guys in 2008 with high expectations from our staff and he has not disappointed.  Our guys were not very strong when they first started training.  Within a few weeks we could visibly see the results but there was also a sense of confidence in what was happening as they continued to train.  Kevin’s Strength Training separates itself from any other training program simply because of the dedication that he puts into it.  His program pushes our players to their limits and then some. Due to the intensity of the workouts, they see results faster and gain the desire to get stronger.  The workouts are uniquely designed to improve their strength, overall conditioning, flexibility and most importantly their attitude!  We could see a difference when they are playing compared to the teams that did not strength train. We had more endurance and were stronger than the other teams.

In addition to the strength they have gained, injuries have been less accruing. Kevin’s strength training program gives us an edge over the other teams we play. Our guys are more confident overall with themselves not only as players but as people.

This has also given an advantage to our players as they go on to and continue to play in college. Kevin’s program has provided them an experience as to what the expectation will be at the next level in strength training.

The most impressive stat of what Kevin’s Strength training has done for our program during the five years he has trained our guys is the FIVE consecutive State Championships that we have garnered while under his training regimen.

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