Nutrition & Diet Assessment

Care Beyond Exercise

Kevin Peoples, our top personal trainer, has over 13 years of experience providing nutrition and diet assessment. What you put into your body is just as important as the energy expelled by your body during exercise and training. To make sure that you get the most out of your training or rehabilitation, it’s important to provide your body with good nutrition so it has all the tools it needs to keep you healthy, strong and energized. At ProFit Fitness & Rehab, we have qualified dieticians available who can provide you with anything from everyday advice to a complete, customized nutritional diet plan. We will also discuss diet with you as a part of our personal training and physical therapy services so that we can provide solutions which serve your whole body well.

Kevin’s Nutrition Tips

Kevin Peoples, our top personal trainer, has over 13 years of experience helping people get their bodies into the shape they want. From professional athletes to general fitness clients, he’s helped all kinds of people with a broad variety of individual needs and goals. Here are his top four tips for easy diet changes that go a long way:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast – Breakfast gives your metabolism a kick start in the morning and keeps you from getting hungry and snacking later on. It helps significantly with portion control which aids weight loss. Also, studies show that people who incorporate a healthy breakfast have an easier time getting their daily recommended nutrients.
  2. Avoid late eating – Don’t eat a heavy meal after around 7:30 p.m. Try a light, healthy snack instead. This will help your body’s internal clock stay on track and can have significant weight loss and metabolism control benefits.
  3. Cut down on drinking – Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages affects your body and keeps it from burning calories effectively for 48 hours or more after consumption.
  4. Substitute the ice cream – Georgia summers sure are hot, and a cool treat sounds great in the middle of the day, but ice cream is full of empty calories, including sugar and fat. Instead of ice cream, try frozen Cool Whip instead. Once frozen, Cool Whip tastes and feels like creamy soft-serve ice cream but you get to skip all those calories. Each tablespoon of Cool Whip will only add 25 calories to your day’s intake!

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