Mission Statement

A Fitness Facility with Purpose

The ProFit Fitness & Rehab facility is designed to offer space, resources and equipment both to people recovering from injuries and to people working towards fitness goals. It’s all included in our 6100 square foot facility, which contains both private and open physical therapy areas, a full range of cardio equipment, specific weight training equipment and even indoor turf. Whether you’re going through rehabilitation, trying to lose weight or working towards athletic goals, we can provide the tools you need to improve, perform and thrive. Contact us today and get started with a free physical assessment to determine your needs and goals.

Facility Amenities

  • 2 private physical therapy rooms
  • 1 open physical therapy area
  • Cardiovascular exercise equipment
  • 17 selective weight training components
  • 1900 sq. ft. of indoor turf
  • Separate male and female shower rooms
  • Secure storage for personal items

Facility Goals

The mission of ProFit Fitness & Rehab is to provide the best possible fitness and rehabilitation services for the surrounding community. We strive to use our combined knowledge, education and experience to provide our clients with innovative, customized solutions to personal training and physical therapy. We work towards this mission by focusing on the following goals:

  • To provide the best performance training and rehabilitation possible for professional athletes, academic athletes, and community athletes.
  • To provide state-of-the-art recovery for post-surgical rehabilitation and work-related injury for people in the community.
  • To provide group fitness programs for all ages, including corporate fitness classes, private and semi-private group fitness, and general group programs in order to increase overall health in our community.
  • To provide all of our clients with the dietary and nutritional education they need to train and recover in a healthy way.
  • To provide all of our clients with support and a comfortable, safe training space so they can grow and meet their goals in the best possible environment.