Group Classes

A Fusion of Fitness and Fun

ProFit Fitness & Rehab has group classes including Zumba, Yoga, and Hip Hop Dance classes.  It’s easier to work out in a group when you’re having fun than it is to work out on your own when you have to push yourself, by yourself. That’s why so many people incorporate group fitness classes into their weekly routine. In order to help our clients fit regular, fun activities into their schedules, we offer group classes at reduced rates for members. Join us for invigorating group fitness and get into great shape in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Our Classes

We currently provide the following classes for both members and non-members. Our classes are led by certified instructors who are here to make sure that you get a great workout during each session.

  • Zumba – A fun, exciting way to get extra cardio into your routine, Zumba is a popular class for people of all ability levels. Purchase Classes
  • Yoga – Yoga can help increase strength, flexibility and focus. Use it as part of your regular routine to give your body the attention it needs between strenuous workouts.
  • Hip Hop Dance – The best way to work out is when you’re having so much fun, you don’t even know you’re doing it. Enjoy yourself, improve your coordination and get a great cardio workout at the same time.

Class Schedule

Our current class schedule is as follows. If you have any questions or concerns about our schedule, please feel free to contact us!

Class Pricing

  • Member Price: Call about pricing
  • Non-Member Price: Call about price

Private, Semi-Private and Corporate Classes

Organize private or semi-private group classes for your organization, business, or team by contacting us. Let us know what kind of classes you’re looking for and what your group goals are and we’ll design a group fitness program to suit your needs. Group fitness can benefit employees and organization members by promoting teamwork, good health habits and a friendly culture. Let us know how we can help!

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Are you looking to lose weight? Are you trying to tone up and maintain flexibility? The professional at ProFit Fitness and Rehab can help you achieve the fitness goals you deserve. Whether you play basketball, football, baseball, track & field, soccer and more. Call today 770-482-8622 or browse our website for more information about our personal training. or group classes.