Why Weight Loss Programs Aren’t Working

There are a lot of reasons your current weight loss program might not be working for you, but, there are five that are more common than the rest. You are over eating “healthy” foods: Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean eating double, triple or quadruple the amount means it’s still better for you than… read more

Why Nutrition Matters

Getting fit is never JUST dependent on how many times you make it to the gym, or how hard your workouts are. Fitness is reliant on nutrition and ultimately how you choose to fuel your body. The energy that is expelled by your body during exercise and training is directly correlated to what you have… read more

Boost Your Fitness By Training With The Pro’s

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in a training routine that doesn’t give you the satisfaction you’ve been looking for. Sure you are getting to your fitness goals, but boring should never be an option. Your work out should never be static, instead it should always be new and exciting in order to keep… read more

The Importance of a Proper Warm up

Performance Training is not performed correct if it doesn’t begin and end with proper warm-up and cool-down techniques.  As a matter of fact, all workouts should have at least 10 to 15 minutes of warm up time starting with some kind of dynamic warm up.  A dynamic warm-up is one where functional movements are performed… read more

Get Physical with Atlanta’s Best Physical Therapists

Major injury, minor injury, illness, or surgery, none of these should ever stand in the way of a true athlete and their sport. At Profit Fitness & Rehab we have a team of Atlanta’s best physical therapists that don’t just believe that you can get better, they do everything possible to get you there. We… read more

ProFit 360 Atlanta Physical Therapy Clinic

Our team of fitness and rehab experts are offering full service available to help support you through your recovery.  With each case ProFit360 crafts a recovery plan and strategy for each of our clients. Dr Damon Williams has a detailed and extensive background in helping High school teams to NFL teams. Our track record of success… read more

Athletic Training Facilities: For The Athlete In You!

ProFit Performance wants to be a part of your weight loss! We know how hard it bouncing from diet plan to popular weight loss solutions and back again, so we’ve designed a program that will work specifically for YOU. Our Athletic Training Facility and trainers are tailored to bring out the athlete in you. Our… read more

Sports Performance Training in Atlanta Has Never Been This Fun

Training by yourself requires a lot of personal motivation. Sure you get some added motivation from that super awesome coach of ours but it gets tough staying on top of your own accountability and drive. So let your co-workers, friends and family in on your health kick and start participating in our group classes today!… read more