About Us

Dedicated to Your Improvement

At ProFit Performance, we are committed to helping you meet your fitness, weight loss, recovery and/or performance goals, which is why we have fused together targeted personal performance training. We’ve created a full-service fitness center for athletes and community members seeking to take their fitness to the next level, whether that means recovering from an injury or training to increase fitness ones fitness level!

Our professional team members all have years of experience in physical therapy or personal training and know how to tailor our services to fit your body’s unique needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sports training, rehabilitation, weight loss or any other physical goal, so we treat our clients as individuals and offer customized solutions to support their success. Get started today with your membership, and get started with 1 free training session.

Our Facility

We have a 6100 square foot facility complete with all the tools necessary to help you on your journey towards fitness, wellness and optimum performance. Learn more about our facility, available amenities and our team mission.

Physical Therapy Services

Whether your injury happened on the field, in the office, or during a car accident, we have the necessary skills, education and equipment to help you make a healthy recovery. We specialize in sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation under the direction of one of our qualified specialist!

Personal Training Services

From intense professional sports training to personal training for weight loss, our expert trainers will design and help you execute a plan specifically for your body and goals. We train the complete body to keep you safe from injury and keep your fitness efforts on track.

Group Classes


We can provide group classes for corporate offices, private or semi-private groups, as well as general group fitness programs to help you work regular, fun exercise into your weekly routine. Check out our class schedule and contact us for further information about corporate or school group classes.